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About Kilo

Kilo Engineering, LLC was formed in 2019 by Mr. Joseph M. Rozmiarek, P.E.  The company offers geotechnical engineering services, including explorations for new developments and remedial explorations for the repair of existing facilities.  Kilo services the client from project startup through construction, including consulting on building foundations, floor slabs, pavement subgrades, stormwater management, retaining walls, and global slope stability.  Mr. Rozmiarek's expertise has helped clients throughout the upper Midwest in the development of their projects.

Joseph M. Rozmiarek, P.E.

Mr. Rozmiarek is the company President and Principal Engineer, responsible for the technical content of Kilo Engineering.  Mr. Rozmiarek has a bachelors and masters degree in Civil Engineering from South Dakota State University with eleven years of geotechnical engineering experience.  He has worked as an engineering consultant for seven years, including both geotechnical design and construction material testing field verification experience.  Mr. Rozmiarek has worked both independently and as part of a larger engineering firm, including projects in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Kentucky.  Mr. Rozmiarek is a licensed professional engineer in sixteen states.  

As part of his corporate experience, Mr. Rozmiarek has been the author or co-author of over 1,200 geotechnical reports.  He has experience with providing recommendations for site preparation, control of shallow groundwater, shallow and deep foundation design, retaining wall design, slope stability analyses, settlement analyses, seismic hazard evaluation, forensic analysis, pavement section design, and stormwater management design.  Mr. Rozmiarek was frequently involved with the writing of technical memoranda to address site conditions during construction that may have varied from original geotechnical reports, including alternates and remedial work.  Mr. Rozmiarek has trained seven new project managers on both business and technical manners, and over thirty engineering technicians regarding construction material testing field operations and reporting.  Mr. Rozmiarek oversaw the technical content of a local office of a large engineering firm for over five years, including over 800 construction material projects.  

In addition to geotechnical design, Mr. Rozmiarek has extensive experience with construction material testing and the required construction special inspections in Minnesota.  His experience includes concrete inspection and testing, inspection of fill operations, foundation inspection, masonry inspection and testing, structural steel visual welding and bolting inspection, post-tension steel placement and stressing inspections, vibration monitoring, along with many other services.  He has provided support and oversaw proposal development, project scheduling, personnel assignments, quality control and report production.  Mr. Rozmiarek has led a team to achieve local office laboratory certification, including multiple nationally recognized quality standards and certifications, including staff training, equipment calibration, proficiency testing, and oversight of on-site assessments by third parties. 


Mr. Rozmiarek has had direct experience performing inspections of shallow foundation systems, building and pavement subgrades, embankments, stormwater features, intermediate, and deep foundations.  Mr. Rozmiarek has also had extensive experience performing and evaluating field testing of concrete, fill operations, structural steel, and masonry.  He has also prepared site-specific recommendations and directed field operations for repair and remediation of existing conditions for subgrades and foundation systems.  Mr. Rozmiarek has worked on many types of projects, including restaurants, retail outlets, multi-family residential developments, parking ramps, office buildings, industrial facilities, utilities, public works, infrastructure projects, transportation projects, and warehouses.

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