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Ground your vision with expert geotechnical engineering.

Every great project starts with the foundation it’s built on. 

The soil subgrade of your site can have everything to do with the success of your project:


Soils are the only non-manufactured material utilized in the construction of your project and the most variable.

The cost of materials and labor to generate a suitable subgrade can have a significant impact on the overall construction cost and project viability.

Proper upfront design and construction observation can reduce potential maintenance and remediation needs during the operation lifecycle of the structure. 

Adequate exploration and options for hazard mitigation can reduce uncertainty in cost and schedule.

Multiple means of addressing site hazards can allow the project owner to select the right solution for their site based on cost and local contractor expertise. 

We are your geotechnical partners, providing comprehensive service and expertise so you can be confident in the stability and sustainability of your construction.

We help our clients build from the ground up…

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Mastering the science of soil for stronger infrastructure.

Kilo Engineering was founded to provide service-first geotechnical engineering to the Midwest. 


At Kilo, we believe in partnering with our clients on the success of their construction, offering agile and responsive support to whatever needs come your way. With the ability and experience to handle a comprehensive range of services, we are here to help at any phase of the construction process.


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design support projects

pile sizing and hazard evaluation

Our projects

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For any new home build or renovation, a geotechnical engineering analysis provides more efficient and stable building designs for long-term affordability, while meeting official building requirements.

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Transportation & Utilities

We help create safer, more cost-effective, and more sustainable transportation networks and utility systems by optimizing foundation design, proper pavement sections, drainage, and slope stability, ultimately leading to more successful builds and fewer maintenance needs over time.

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Multi-Family Developers

Building on time and on budget is vital in multi-family housing. Our investigations and designs have helped build more efficient duplexes, master-planned townhome complexes, and apartment campuses throughout the Midwest.


Renewable Energy Projects

Understanding your work site plays a vital role in a cost-effective and sustainable renewable energy development. Kilo provides services for every geotechnical element of your development from testing through construction. 

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Commercial & Community Facility Developers

We work with our commercial partners from the design-level through building and potential forensic needs to prioritize to reduce foundation material costs, identify costly hazards, and even identify sites that may not be suitable for the proposed development.

The geotechnical engineering partner for…

What’s in the plans:


Define the

Wherever you are in the building phase, our initial conversation clarifies how our services can make the biggest impact in planning and executing your project.  This includes identifying the features to be designed, determining the appropriate field exploration scope, and aligning service needs to the project budget.


Receive inclusive analysis and recommendations

Once we complete the field exploration and associated soil laboratory testing for your site, we deliver the results in a comprehensive report with method and material recommendations to make your plans as efficient and accurate as possible.


Build lasting structures with confidence

We follow up as appropriate throughout the construction process to ensure that recommendations are being followed and to assist with issues that arise.

Let’s work together.


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